Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning - Geothermal saves on your electric bill. NOT !!

Rochester, New York 1 comment

We installed Geothermal to save on our electric bill. As advertised.

We installed Geothermal in November. My yard is another story we'll have to deal with in the spring.

We couldn't wait to get our electric bill and see what we were going to save every month.

We were shocked to see the first bill. They assured us it would be better the next month.

We just got our 3rd electric bill.

We went from a $100 electric bill to a $253.

This is a small house and we use a wood burning stove.

They came back last month and shut off the eux heat strips.

Now it's even higher this month.



I agree the geo has raised my bill.Masters heating and air of decatur indiana installed my unit and I also bought one for my dtrs home.

Both of us had atrocious eletric bills. She had her back up heat coils shut off the unit, and is now using gas fireplace logs to to keep warm when temp drops below the rate at which geo works. Her elec bills are now tolerable,her heating costs no cheaper than before install of the unit.

Mine I havent had disconnected as I dont know what to use as back-up as they took my gas heat out completely!!I called them AGAIN another svc call for me....I just wondered if others have this problem and if so why install this at a huge cost????

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